Behind the scenes

I haven’t been able to post as many updates as I would like recently, so I thought I would post a quick explanation for the silence.

We are currently engaged in several behind the scenes projects that have been consuming all of our time.

One example is a major upgrade to our primary scout/expedition Jeep for better capability, and to increase unsupported range by a factor of 3! These modifications will have a huge effect on our ability to scout potential ‘jump off’ locations, and get ‘out there’ more often and more economically. This project has to be completed by winter, and will take up much of our time into October. With any luck we’ll be able to take it out for some tests and scouting drives before the snow flies!

We still have a large repository of photos from our summer scouting runs to go through; they will be posted as soon as time allows.

Scouting Runs

We have made several scouting runs this year to determine potential locations for a future expedition. I’m currently compiling the pictures, and figuring out the best way to report these outings, which have mostly consisted of driving to different locations, and hiking around. I am not going to be specific about any location, because I do not want the locations disturbed by any unusual traffic.

It is likely that we won’t have the funds for a full expedition until sometime next year, but there is always the possibility of a late expedition this year if things go perfectly.

Washington Overland Rally

We’re heading to the Washington Overland Rally this weekend to see some awesome expedition vehicles and gear.

I should be able to continue updating the website with pictures of the decals and purchase information after we return, early next week.

I will try to post an update from the rally if I can as well!


Hello everyone! Welcome to Expedition Bigfoot! Here you’ll find updates of our exploits and adventures. Stay tuned!