What makes Expedition Bigfoot different than other groups and TV shows in search of Bigfoot or cryptozoological creatures?
While we are big fans of these shows, we are different because of our extensive outdoor and hunting backgrounds, as well as the extensive in depth knowledge of the geographical area and local Bigfoot sightings. We spend many days to weeks in specific areas instead of rolling in for a day or two, filming, and leaving. Wild animals can be extremely sensitive to change! Film crews and people stomping around, shouting and running is likely to drive off all but the boldest of wild creatures. If Bigfoot is out there, he has avoided easy discovery by some very determined people. Great care has to be taken to not drive off any creatures with sound, sight, or scent.

How is Expedition Bigfoot funded?
We are funded by sale of Bigfoot Research branded products.

Is Expedition Bigfoot affiliated with any other groups or shows?
We are not affiliated with any other group unless specifically stated on our main homepage.